# Limboland

  • What:
    • Film: This is a short doco that Lachie and journalist Mridula Amin filmed about the realities of Australia's disgraceful offshore processing system. It was picked up by a number of media organisations including the New York Times and was included as part of the official selection at Sydney Underground Film Festival 2019.
    • Score: When choosing instrumentation and creating the melodies I was inspired by traditional music of the pacific islands. I tried to create a sense of anxiety by surrounding these tropical, organic ideas with dissonant, swirling synthesizers. I was particularly struck by the interviewees' experiences of time in Nauru. They spoke about how they would lose track of the days and so I tried to emulate this by slowing down, speeding up and reversing elements in the score.
    • Donate: If you are feeling dismayed after watching Limboland and would like to help out, the ASRC (opens new window) do fantastic work and donations go to helping people like those shown in the film.
  • When: Released 20/11/18
  • Who:
    • Me
    • Lachie Hinton
    • Mridula Amin

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