# Keep Cool But Care

  • What:
    • About: The 9th (and final) yonnies release.
    • Presser: This album is the product of Yon Yonson's almost decade-long habit of making music in their bedrooms and reflects on the bands idiosyncratic career as mainstays of the Sydney underground. Full of the Yonnies signature unconventional ear-worms, existential observations and surreal sonic soundscapes, 'Keep Cool But Care' is both the culmination of a unique and prolific career and a collection of songs they wrote simply for the hell of it. A most fitting finale.
  • When: Released 15/05/20
  • Who:
    • Yon Yonson:
      • Me: Music
      • Nathan Saad: Music
      • Rick Scully: Music, Mixing
    • Bilby: Vocals (Track 2)
    • Becki Whitton: Mastering
    • Lachie Hinton: Cover Art

# Music

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Staring At The Wall - Video Clip

Cardboard - Video Clip

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Happy Mag - Staring At The Wall (opens new window)

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