# Brain-V2

  • What: This is a web app I use every day that acts as an extension of my brain. The human brain is ok 🙄   but there are some tasks that it struggles with (like retaining trivia in long term memory). So far I have created four modules (described below) but this project is still a work in progress. The full version is currently locked down so only I can use it but there is a DEMO VERSION (opens new window) available that shows some of the functionality.
  • When: 2019 - Present

# Modules

# Flash Cards


The aim of this module is to get information into my long-term memory. It hooks directly into my notes via an API and then automatically schedules flashcards so that I am reminded of information at the optimal time.

At the heart of my scheduling system is an algorithm I wrote based on the "Spaced Repetition" learning technique but with the added ability to take feedback into account (i.e. if I struggle to recall a piece of information I will see that card again sooner).

Now when I read an interesting piece of information I can just add it to my notes and be confident that I will never forget it.

# Kanban Board


This module is a fancy "to do" list inspired by the Kanban framework (popular in software engineering) and Getting Things Done (a time management methodology). Tasks are added to the board and categorised by situation. I can then easily filter all relevant tasks depending on whether I am at home, at work or running errands and track progress across the board.

I tried to keep the functionality as lightweight as possible to ensure that I actually use it. Once you get in the habit of logging everying on the board you start to trust the system and no longer have to remember to do things; you just check the board.

# Waiting On


There are some things which I need to remember but that don't require action e.g. gift vouchers, emails that I'm waiting for a reply to, books I've lent out, online shopping orders that haven't arrived yet etc. These don't belong on my Kanban board so they go here.

# Memories


I am pretty good at throwing away physical items but I am a horder in my digital life. I hate the idea of forgetting stuff so every day this module shows me a movie that I've watched and a book that I've read as well as my rating. So far I have connected these modules to my Letterboxd and Goodreads accounts with a few more in progress.